Eric Silvers

Eric Silvers completed a 750 hr. certification course in Massage Therapy in Sedona, Arizona from the Arizona School of Integrated Studies in 1999.  In 2000 he moved to Santa Cruz, California to study Acupuncture at Five Branches School of Oriental Medicine.  After completing 2 years of Acupuncture, he moved to Vermont to begin a family and has been living in the Montpelier Area since 2002.  He invented a tool for cleaning motorcycle chains which afforded him the privilege of being a stay at home dad.  

In 2014 he chose to reenter the healing arts field in order to be more involved in the local community and continue developing his craft as a hands-on health practitioner. In the beginning of 2017,  he completed a 1025 hr. certification course in Hellerwork Structural Integration and is board certified under the International Association for Structural Integratration.   He continues to take advanced Structural Integration training from  Rolfing masters: Tom Myers and Neal Powers.  Eric is currently working on creating  life changing retreats  combining Structural Integration sessions, dance, yoga and experiential experiences aimed at aligning people, their gifts and  their inner calling in order to help more people live purposeful lives.   He has a gift for this type of work and receives lots of joy helping people  feel better and increasing the quality of their lives.  He currently resides in Middlesex with his partner, 3 daughters, 2 cats, a dog and a small flock of chickens.

Eric Silvers, CMT  (802)505-3057
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