Chronic pain, poor posture and movement limitation mean you enjoy your life less.  By identifying unfavorable patterns that have become ingrained in your connective tissue, structural integration can reduce and reverse their negative impact and recondition your body so you can live your fullest life with an increased sense of youthfulness and vitality.  In addition to massage therapy benefits, clients who complete the Hellerwork structural integration series, report experiencing lasting relief from many physical conditions and a heightened sense of Self.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Montpelier

Hellerwork structural integration in Montpelier, is now available! By design, Hellerwork differs from other types of massage therapy and touch therapy in its effectiveness for releasing unwanted tension and correcting postural patterns to allow for the restoration of the body's natural alignment. Through a series of deep connective tissue bodywork, movement education and self awareness dialogue sessions, your body will return to a more optimal alignment. 

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Hellerwork structural integration 

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