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Structural integration is a powerful, effective and corrective method for creating change in a person's body.  Structural Integration and Rolfing are synonymous

 methods of manual therapy that were introduced by Ida P. Rolf over 60 years ago. By structure, Dr. Rolf meant bones.  At birth, every bone in our human frame was given a home, our natural alignment.  As we age and experience our  life's  impacts and injuries, our myofascial tissue (muscles and fascia) form  lines of tension  which tugs on 

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Hellerwork Structural Integration

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Chronic pain, poor posture and movement limitation mean you enjoy your life less.  By identifying unfavorable patterns that have become ingrained in your myofascial  tissue, structural integration can reduce and reverse their negative impact and rebalance your body so you can live your fullest life with less pain, more range of motion and more ease. Structural Integration is a journey that uniquely unfolds over a series of bodywork sessions.  I utilize The traditional Rolf 10 series  to do my work of decompressing joints and unwinding myofascial tissue.  In my experience,  as clients go through the structural integration series, they begin feeling better when their bones get closer to home.  Clients who complete the Hellerwork structural integration series, report experiencing lasting relief from many physical conditions, a heightened sense of Self and an overall improvement in their quality of life. 

the bones.  In time, unbalanced tension in the myofascial tissue shifts and rotates bones away from home and causes pain and decreases range of motion.   Our job is to help your bones find their way back  home and line you up.  

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